3D FishBirds

Toying with CSS3 3D transforms

You aren’t seeing the magic above because your browser doesn’t yet support 3D transforms.

Try using Chrome or Safari.

Katrina recently was part of a panel on mixed-race identity at the Brooklyn Historical Society where she spoke about her project, FishBird. While discussing ways to remount the piece and additionally create a rich, digital component to accompany it, I began tossing around visuals.

I couldn’t really get the idea of the wooden blocks out of my head. A basic rubix cube of sorts with various of animals that would rotate to create fishbirds, cowmonkeys, and beariguanas. Something that looked handmade – a game for children to experiment with.

After looking over a few tutorials on 3D CSS3 transforms (currently webkit only), I began on the test shown above. The FishBird project will probably look nothing like this when it is reborn, but I had the urge to toy with these visual concepts, and this is what surfaced…

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