fly by mind, fly by mine

an old, silent, Flash animation

fly by mind, fly by mine is an animation I did in 2002 as a submission for acceptance into the CKC / Compsci Flash class.

We were given only a handful of instructions… it had to be: 30 seconds or more, drawn totally within Flash (i.e. no Photoshop elements), and no other external elements… as in no sound or video.

I decided to use the “no sound” policy as part of the theme. Tranquility. At the time I think I was also enchanted by the idea of meditation and inner tranquility… though I still find it hard to sit still for more than a few moments:) So this is what I submitted….. but I have to disclose that before posting, I added a few touches, such as blurring, which wasn’t available in Flash back then… that’s not cheating is it?

side note: A few years later, I actually went on to teach the class. Policy changes had removed this “acceptance test” and subsequently the class was far larger, and certainly more varied ranging between artists with no programming skills whatsoever, to artists who never touched a canvas. A challenge for all.

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