Remembered by her students

Documenting a beautiful service in Managua, Nicaragua

A few days after we arrived in Managua to work with ATRAVES, Katrina and I were invited to come to a memorial service for Lauren Wilkinson. Before arriving we’d heard that the community had lost an important member of its community, and before we jumped into the bed of the pickup truck to go to the school where she had first volunteered, we grabbed Katrina’s camera and audio recorder.

We were happy to create the following piece in her honor.

The piece slowly came together as we hovered over my simmering laptop in the 104 degree Managua weather, shaving off time from what was more than an hour of audio, and reams of photos. As the days progressed and the piece emerged, we heard anecdotes of Lauren in the house, and came to know her in a special way, working from our room in the back of the house which we soon learned had been her little alcove.

It was great to collaborate with Katrina who has worked in both TV and radio (she’s the narrator). She has a knack for extracting and reassembling audio to create rich narratives.

And most importantly, I’m truly thankful to be able to give something like this to Lauren’s family, and to share some of the impact she had made on so many people, so far away.

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