while i was back

in between south america and south east asia

I saw a grafitti artist in Buenos Aires who used one simple stencil of facial features over and over in a horizontal sequence. I loved the idea and filled up a page in my notebook toying with variations of the concept.

spray_face_stripOften when I flipped by the page on my way to jot something down, a new mutation would spring to mind, so although I wasn’t able to explore it with actual tools while traveling, it still evolved over the next few months. Before leaving Peru, I took some photos of my friend susieQ for the project, lit from below in a dark room of her Cuzco apartment.

I didn’t have much time back in Boston but one day I cut a small prototype of the stencil based on one of susie’s images. The first five images in the gallery are the result of few short sessions in my driveway with cans in hand, and represent only the beginnings of the exploration. I hope to get back to the concept when I once again have space and supplies… perhaps in japan next month, though i’m sure japan will demand that i delve into far different things.

Next is the tshirt. I offered to make a tshirt for any of the kids in my dance group, Mladost, and my friend Nick alone came to rehearsal with one – scratch that – three brand new shirts from the Gap, still with pricetags. I appreciated the enthusiasm and groaned all in the same moment:) This one is a bit faded now (maybe I didn’t iron it), but he still appears happy, thankfully. enjoy, buddy.

The last photo is a birthday present I made for my friend Rob. He deserves much more for sticking it out with me and saving my neck many times since middle school. The piece is spray paint and acrylic on wood, and commemorates countless hours playing 1 on 1 in his backyard… through all seasons, whether or not we had to shovel first, through tough points, missed layups, triumphant 3 pointers (him), fierce ideological debates usually (unrelated to the court), and certainly long past sunset and whatever time I was supposed to be home… yeah, it’s a simple little piece, but it represents a lot of growth and growing pains. This is the first piece I’ve created in a while that’s so literal. I’m glad he’s appreciating it on his bedroom wall:)

While traveling it’s hard carrying around supplies, or carting around finished pieces, so it might be a while before I touch these media again. I’ll find some other stuff to work on. Unfortunately right now there’s no folk dance here in Laos. During the 3 months of rainy season, it’s apparently monk-time, and out of respect people aren’t supposed to dance or drink a lot, though this second rule doesn’t seem to be followed:)

But don’t worry about me – I’ll find something.


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always and unfailingly impressed with your visual abilities man. KA POW!


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